40D is a music producer & Dj, centered on african dance rhythms, mainly afrohouse. Hailing from the east african land of Mozambique, who has gained notoriety at first with his kick off project (EP) The Heart beat Of Africa released by the house music mother label at the time — Soul Candi, marking it the first time a Mozambican based project was licensed to the label which followed by a mega premiere on the BBC 1Xtra radio show — Destination Africa with Sef Kombo along with todays big house music names in the likes of Jullian Gomes, Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Cuebur and so forth. Following the years as standard his productions would be welcomed to take part in various worldwide labels, as well as in the Tribe Vaults installments hosted by Tribe Records UK, next to big house music names such as Ade Alafia, Arnaud D, Jackie Queens, Rancido, Renato Xtrova, etc … In todays times, he’s noted by via Kazukuta, Seres Producoes, Atal Music & not to mention premieres with Madorasindahouse & MrAfrodeep & more. Fruits of his hard labor were earned when the track Unga Ti Beki taken from his EP The Modern Shangaan caught the attention of the south african audience after the track was spinned on the well renowned radio station MetroFM, becoming the No. 1 dance record on the legendary Oskido’s show ‘Dance 5 Countdown’.


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