Buruntuma is not only the name of a village from Guinea-Bissau, is also the name of a dj and producer who is causing a stir in the Portuguese Afro House scene. Considered a modern times GRIOT, he carries the task of passing the traditions, knowledge and sounds from his cultural background. 2014 was his breakout to international scene, when his remix of Super Mama Djombo’s Sol Maior Para o Comandante was featured on the prestigious THE FADER magazine. 2020 has been the year of several releases, where it stands out the smashing hit The End, featuring Missy Bity. One of the leading acts of the thrilling Lisbon’s Afro House scene, he has been able to showcase his unique sound and skills around the world. Renowned clubs as Gretchen (Berlin), Djoon (Paris), Lick (Vilamoura), Paradiso (Amsterdam) and festivals as Fusion (Larz), Womex (Las Palmas) or Africa Nouveau (Nairobi) had been part of his musical journey.


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