Dream Boyz

Dream Boyz started their own career in 2010 signed to the label Dream Nation, they were formed initialy by 4 members, Manda, Mallaryah, Maer e Fill Jr, they have released and performed together for a long time before they released the album “Encaixe Perfeito” on december 23th 2019. Their first hits on the album were “Paraíso ft Dji Tafinha”, “Tens ilusão ft Big Nelo”, “Única Mulher ft Cage One”, after the album release, one member “Maer Carvalho”, for a mission on his church. In 2014, they made one of the biggest hits ever featuring Landrick with the title “Vou Te Assumir (feat. Landrick)” and after that they signed to BOM SOM (Label), they become more internation with the new hit “Vou tirar o pé” , along with this, another hits were released like, “Corpo No Meu”, “Vem Me Dar Carinho (feat. Arieth Feijó)”, “Toté”, reaching a lot of views through the internet. They released the second album called “Segredos” in 2018, with 14 tracks, including tracks featuring great artist like Nelson Freitas, Monsta and others. Therefore they lost one of his members by car accident, and nowadays they are working on new projects, recently they released a new track featuring Angolan Artists CEF “Feliz Sem Mim”. They planning a new album that is about to be released on the December 28th of 2020, Adoro and Cuiar Assim are the released tracks that were very successful, they recently break records of been on the best playlists of the streaming platforms with their new success Cuiar Assim.


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