We know that ‘pressure creates diamonds’ and often that is compared to our lives. Long before DREYA emerged as an artist, she underwent the kind of pressure that makes or breaks even the toughest amongst us. 
Born to Portuguese parents DREYA took off to London, England by herself before she turned 18 where she fought hard to make her dreams come true. With little to no money throughout her early years, it was hard work and discipline that helped her develop an unique sense of identity that fuels her art to this day. 
Music came to her very early. The singer started as a classical pianist at the age of 5 but it was only around the age of 13 when she found her true passion for R&B: 
“I remember coming from school every single day and rushing to sit in front of the telly to watch MTV. One day, Alicia Keys comes up playing piano and singing ‘No One’ and I instantly knew – that is what I wanted to be” reveals. 
Fast forward to this day, DREYA now holds several Trinity Piano & Conservatorium Diplomas and a 4year Degree in Popular Music Performance in Vocal Techniques and Music Business from the University of West London – BIMM London. 
The singer became known in 2021 for her collab with the artist Ivandro on their single “CARTA” that went gold in less than a year. 
In partnership with Universal Music Portugal, DREYA is now releasing her debut project and set to forge an impressive impact in the industry.


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