Jorge Benvinda

Known as the vocalist of VIRGEM SUTA, he also participates in the PAIÃO project together with Marlon, Via, Nuno Figueiredo, João Pedro Coimbra, Bruno Vasconcelos and Jorge Costa and in CANÇÕES DE RODA, LENGA LENGAS E OUTRAS QUE TAIS, where he gives voice to the best known children’s songs alongside Sérgio Godinho, Ana bacalhau, Vitorino Salomé, Quiné Teles, Luis Peixoto and Filipe Raposo.

In addition to composing songs for VIRGEM SUTA, he also did it for Ana Moura (Amor afoito), António Zambujo (Multimillionaire), Carlos Leitão (Um quarto para as duas), Beatriz (O fado da Manela), among others.

In 2017 he was at Festival da Canção together with Nuno Figueiredo playing “Gente Bestial”.

February 2018 was the starting point for this new album, when he started making the first lyrics for the melodies he was collecting. “Por Ti” is the first song that shows and made her think of her daughter Rita. Through the songs he presents, Jorge Benvinda proposes a reflection on how he feels and thinks about love. Knowing how to relax is as important as knowing how to act in order to balance the art of life for two.


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