KOMET is a rare case of talent who chose to use his gift as a singer, songwriter and producer at the service of urban music, moving onto Soul, R&B, Dancehall, Afro, and even onto modern Pop music.

Started to write poems since primary school and wrote his first songs at a very young age, but was in 2018 that he started to get attention with the release of the singles “All We Do”, “Unorthodox” and “Sound The Alarm”.

2019 was a decisive year marked by the release of the single “Control” and the consequent debut EP ” Mango Tree”, which proved KOMET’s wide musical range as he explored various musical styles in his own way and with his very own personal stamp.

Associating himself to New Balance in 2019, that was also the year of his first live performances, reaching main radio stations and the ears of bigger audiences.

In 2020, KOMET stood out among the DJs and playlist editors abroad with the singles “Fallin” and “Palm Trees”.


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